Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Update: Intel ($INTC) earnings release tomorrow

We discussed a possible H&S top forming in Intel. Intel is set to release its second-quarter earnings tomorrow. I almost always exit my position before the earnings report no matter how promising the set-up. Staying with a position hoping for a favorable reaction to an unknowable earnings report is unnecessary gambling. Sometimes I stay with a small position if I have a favorable entry point or, more likely, my emotions have gotten the better of me. Remember, there will always be other opportunities.


  1. Hi... interesting to see someone with the same outlook.

    Would you agree, $22.50 is ideal H/S downside target ?

    ps. Disque would be useful to install... if you want others to more likely reply.

  2. Hi: 22.50 as the downside target seems reasonable, IF the H&S top pattern triggers. Now, prices are hugging the neckline with the second-quarter earnings due tomorrow (Wednesday) after the market closes. I think caution is necessary given the utter unpredictability of the market reaction to earnings release. I always reduce my position or get out entirely. I can re-enter the trade after the dust settles. And if no good opportunity to re-enter presents itself, then I try to remember that there will always be other trades.

  3. A good philosophy.. I certainly hold to that.

    If INTC is $22.... it has 'interesting' implications for the equity market/VIX across the next few months.

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    1. Thank you Mike. Stay patient as you gain market experience. Have other interests besides the financial world. I try to remember that there will always be more trading opportunities. Have a relaxed and open mind-set but be uncompromising in terms of protecting your capital.